Iridium Phone Accessories

Must have accessories for your Iridium phone

International plug kit

The International travel kit is a requirement for you to use the AC travel plug kit. So, anyone buying an AC plug kit for his or her phone will definitely need to purchase this accessory. It’s designed to allow you to plug in the Iridium travel charger in a wide variety of power outlet formats. It has 5 adapters and it can also be used with the travel charger which is sold separately. International travel Kit supports outlet formats in UK, India, US, European, And Australian. It’s great for anybody with a satellite phone and is planning to travel to any of these countries.

Iridium 9555 Li-Ion rechargeable battery

This satellite phone accessory is designed to be charged while already installed inside the phone. It is mainly used as a spare battery or as a replacement for the 9555 manufacturer battery. It’s great for you if you make regular long distance tours. With this accessory, you never run out of power.

Iridium 9555 DC Auto charger

The satellite phone auto charger is designed to enable you to use the standard 12 VDC accessory in your car. It plugs directly into these power outlets and charges your iridium 9555 handset or Iridium 9505A. It’s great for you if you have a vehicle as it will enable you to charge your battery as you travel.

Iridium 9555 portable Auxiliary Antenna

This accessory is meant to improve in-car (marine or land) satellite reception. It has a convenient magnetic mount, compact and pocket sized which allows you to be able to travel with it from vehicle to vehicle. It’s ideal for all but particularly those in marine where reception is usually low.

IR-01-BAT-20801 high capacity battery

This accessory can be used as a spare battery for satellite phones or as a replacement for the manufactures battery. It’s great for anyone planning to make a long distance trip to a remote area where there are unreliable sources of power.

LiteDOCK Extreme (EXTRMLD)

This satellite phone accessory fits exactly in the docking station giving an easy to lock mechanism that can be simply inserted and removed by just a touch of a button. It’s purposely built to enable you to connect an external GPS antenna to the dock and to utilize the SOS emergency. It’s great for anyone with satellite 9555 phone.

RemoteSAT (RST100)

RemoteSAT (RST 100) is designed to combine the intelligent technology of hirinng a sat phone to support voice and data services over the Iridium satellite network. It’s equipped with a variety of interfaces to support to allow the use of integrated cordless phones or the integrated PABX communications. It also gives one the option to access voice services by making use of a compact intelligent user handset.

It’s designed to be used by people in maritime, fixed sites and emergency services applications where permanent and reliably installed communication is required  

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